PRANTIS Solutions provides Companies with expert Consulting resources to promote supply chain best practices leading to significant bottom line contributions. This is achieved through improved operational effectiveness, lowering cost of ownership and invigorating “supply chain” performance.

Our focus is the Client’s supply chain extending from your “Vendor’s vendor to your Customer’s customer” and incorporating the key physical, financial, informational and structural components in the common tasks of PLANNING, BUYING, EXECUTING and DELIVERING.

The use of expert Consulting resources to optimize and energize your SCM activities contributes to a multitude of key benefits, they include:

* Delighting the customer by delivering reliably.
* Increasing speed to market through robust new product introductions.
* Impacting indirect costs such as travel, marketing and operating expenses.
* Eliminating waste, excess, delay and obsolescence.
* Challenging established SCM structures, objectives and metrics.
* Promoting a proactive culture that reduces surprises and firefighting.

In the current competitive and volatile operating environment, the diligent use of external resources is critical to many Companies survival. Key events and investment decisions can "make or break" the business plan and detrimentally impact the financial health of the organization. In "small to medium sized" Enterprises the use of a consultant can allow

* Faster delivery of key projects and thus accelerate the ROI
* Deferring hiring of permanent management resources for temporary workload spikes
* Allow mulitple process challenges to be addressed in parallel
* Complement internal expertise with broader market knowledge and benchmarks

CEOs and CFOs want the Supply Chain Management (SCM) team to "show me the money", often the SCM team is challenged to connect their "day to day" efforts to measurable impact at the profit line of the Company. The use of external Consulting resources can help clarify and enhance the results of internal SCM efforts and objectively account for the benefits. PRANTIS Solutions recognizes this challenge and conducts all of its activities to be measurable in contribution to bottom line metrics.

In many manufacturing environments, materials and related SCM activities represent up to 75% of all costs. An optimised SCM strategy tuned to the Business Plan, implemented by empowered and aligned SCM resources and working effectively to execute the SCM strategies contributes significantly to the Company's health and competitiveness. Supply Chain Management should positively influence both Net Income and Capital Employed in an Organization.

Increase Net Income by reducing Total Expenses

The "Cost of Goods sold" is the key component in Total Expenses therefore SCM resources should focus on lowering the "Cost of Goods" through enhanced procurement, outsourcing, offshoring and creative negotiation of critical "A" item cost components.

Lower the amount of Capital employed by reducing Working Capital

Inventory represents the key component of Working Capital thus utilising SCM resources to influence the amount, timing, health and flow of inventory and its associated payment terms will improve cash availability necessary to fund growth.

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