PRANTIS Solutions works in a pragmatic, open book manner to realize the needs of our Clients. We focus on our agreed mandates and work in a disciplined, timebound manner to deliver the expected measurable results. It is our fundamental belief that all our efforts should directly contribute to the bottom line whether in terms of MARGINS, SERVICE or QUALITY. Our core areas are:

  • Provision of Interim Management resources to accelerate change acceptance
  • Identifying and implementing solutions to move operating costs to new levels
  • Providing the Catalyst to enhance business competitiveness

  • Product cost reviews and “Low cost geography” sourcing for key commodities
  • Spend analysis, management and optimization of indirect costs.
  • Support "Design for cost" and building supply structures for growth.
  • Vendor base reviews, negotiations, benchmarking and performance systems.

  • Evaluation and optimization of business tools and resources within the SCM organization.
  • Benchmarking the planning and execution process from Business Plan to Order shipment.
  • Value stream mapping, continuous improvement and the journey to lean.
  • Cementing linkages between financial and physical streams.

  • Evaluation of processes relating to inventory & delivery systems.
  • Elimination of surpluses, waste and obsolescence in time, tasks & resources.
  • Customer satisfaction benchmarking and key metric development.

  • Leading outsourcing initiatives including make or buy decisions & “off-shoring or on-shoring”.
  • Benchmarking and management of existing outsourced arrangements.
  • Extending service agreements, dual sourcing and transitioning of partners.

  • Targeted change management events such as New Product introduction.
  • Vendor Audits, Supply Chain Forenics and Due Diligence events
  • Overflow resources for regulatory compliance, acquisitions or ERP migrations.
  • Provide extra bandwidth to management during growth or fiscal deadlines.

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